Alan Adler 1
Among my proudest achievements is scoring Alan Adler to come speak about his treasured invention, The AeroPress. No other coffeemaker today is as versatile. I keep meeting aficionados who have a unique technique.

I met Alan Adler years ago at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. Frankly, if you’d told me his little plastic brewer was going to become so popular, I might have doubted it. It can be used as a drip maker, upside down in soak mode. I know folks who claim to emulate their espresso drinks using it.

Alan Adler is an engineer, and as such he has a quiet assuredness of someone who does his math before making molds for his product. But, he also has the artist side, who’s not afraid to dream outside the box with his concepts. While not exactly a rebel, I can tell you he has some unorthodox brewing ideas, and plenty of feedback from the field about his invention.

Perhaps his AeroPress’s popularity is both its simplicity and its adaptability to its owner’s desire to complicate as much as they like. It’s literally among the easiest ways to make coffee there is. I’ve heard hobbyists speculate that if everyone already had and used an AeroPress the K-Cup might not have been invented. I confess I don’t agree with that, but I do agree that everyone should at least see how easy they are, and have one to play with, as they are not only simple but inexpensive.

Alan Adler will tell you how he thought up his brewer including showing his original design drawing of this coffeemaker. Then he’ll discuss all the after-market options this open-ended brewer has spawned. Finally, he will share his own method for brewing a perfect AeroPress. Last time, this session was jammed. I know I had to stand to catch it.

Come see one of our great coffee making inventors. It’s free with your CoffeeCon LA admission, and first come, first served. I know you’ll be glad you did.