2018 US Brewers Cup Champion Becca Woodard using her Walkure Bayreuth Porcelain Pour Over.

David Castillo and Becca Woodard, of Joe Coffee and George Howell Coffee respectively, will host a Q and A following their wins at the SCA Expo in Brooklyn on May 19-20. I’ve long realized the best way to learn to brew better coffee is hanging out with someone better than I am. I think it’s safe to say both these folks are better brewers than me, and I’m supposed to be an expert.

2018 US Barista Championship Finalist David Castillo brewing his Joe Gesha as persnickety judge grades.

If there’s one thing I would say is important, after finding some new beans to try at our event, it’s being able to brew better coffee afterwards. These baristas will be there to bare their coffee brewing souls to you. Last year, we had Kyle Ramage, who I’d booked early because he worked for Mahlkonig grinders and was already scheduled to teach our grinding class. This year I had already asked Joe, so when David was a finalist I asked Jonathan Rubenstein if David would be so kind and the instant answer was yes. I had to beg a little more to get Becca to come. She does live in Boston after all, but GH coffee became so absorbed with her competing, they didn’t plan on our event, the first time they won’t be there since we started. Oops. Well, after a little pleading by yours truly, Becca cheerfully agreed to come and meet us. She’s also going to be bringing her award-winning brewer of choice, the German-made Walkure, and explain why she chose it and how she uses it to make the best. Between David and Becca, this presentation should be among the most useful FAQ events you attend this year.

I’ve got a couple of questions of my own. Otherwise, I’m going to try to restrain myself and listen, a virtue I’ve been trying to acquire lately.

As with all our classes and presentations (except Professor Ken Davids’ Taste Like an Expert class) the seating if first-come… and free with your entrance fee. Thanks to Prima-Coffee.com and Joe Coffee for sponsoring.

Photo credits: Becca: SCA David: Barista Magazine