Coffee Con, the Consumer Coffee Festival keeps growing and have partnered with InterContinental Coffee Trading (ICT Coffee) based in San Diego, California to accelerate building specialty coffee consumer awareness. The mission is to educate the consumer on the importance of how various brewing methods along with different styles of equipment can produce the ultimate cup of coffee with high quality beans.

Author Kevin Sinnott and his wife Patricia started Coffee Con in 2011 near their Chicago home. By 2014 they expanded Coffee Con to include San Francisco and Los Angeles followed by NYC in March, 2015. Kevin is the Author of The Art and Craft of Coffee and a former television producer. He created Coffee Con after realizing people who read books (including his) still hadn’t mastered brewing. Kevin also disliked comparing coffee with wine, as coffee needs to be brewed correctly versus wine’s coming prepared for consumption. He further compares coffee to home theater where the resolution of a Blu-ray is only revealed with high definition home equipment and a consumer’s proper set-up. He compares coffee as the software to brewing equipment’s hardware. Kevin created Coffee Con as a brewing university and ultimate coffee tasting to increase brewing knowledge among consumers and help the average coffee drinker develop their palate and appreciation of what artisan roasters bring using their own style.

Lisa Colon, ICT Coffee’s CEO, shared Kevin’s vision for Coffee Con and saw the opportunity to build consumer awareness and appreciation of growers who produce the beans and the roasters who bring them to perfection. By partnering with Coffee Con and its consumer audience ICT Coffee sees the opportunity to cement the long term value and bring specialty coffee to the consumer, which ultimately benefits everyone in the coffee industry grow their business. Lisa says, “Events such as Coffee Con are a unique forum that allows the consumer to evaluate the difference in brewing methods of specialty quality beans. Coffee Con turns the public on to a wide variety of that special cup of coffee through a hands-on educational approach that is fun.”

Coffee Con attracts two kinds of consumers; sophisticated aficionados who enjoy learning everything about their favorite beverage, and new-to-specialty coffee drinkers who may buy commercial grade coffees and have decided to experiment. The aficionados and new specialty coffee drinkers are attracted to Coffee Con because of the technical expertise offered during the classes, labs and lectures. They’re also excited to taste the diversity of coffee roasters and meet them in person.

The next Coffee Con is in Chicago on July 25th, 2015, at Morgan Manufacturing, 401 N. Morgan St. Chicago, IL 60642. Additional cities for 2015 include San Francisco and Los Angeles. Tickets for consumers are $35 and can be purchased at

For More Information Contact: 630-930-2556