CoffeeCon: The World's largest coffee meetup!

It’s  true! Chicago CoffeeCon 2014 is happening April 12th at the Zhou B Art Center, 1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609. Sip the world’s largest variety of coffees, roasts and brewing methods. Buy your tickets within the first week and you will receive 40% off the $20 ticket cost. They will never cost less, even with coupons, after this.

I’m offering this discount to reward those loyal fans who kept encouraging us and asking about the next CoffeeCon. While we were testing the site we started to sell tickets! One of the buyers emailed me that she’s kept her browser open to the web link since last year’s event in order to get tickets when they became available. That kind of loyalty deserves something extra.

CoffeeCon is open to the public. It is 100% for consumers. We don’t teach business skills, showcase cash register software or exhibit shop cleaning supplies. Those are good things, but other events cover that. CoffeeCon is about enjoying coffee. Thanks to the people I’ve met in the industry and a few like me who are intense amateurs, I’m able to assemble the best products, presenters and instructors from the world of coffee for one glorious day. CoffeeCon is that day and you are welcome to attend..

CoffeeCon has coffees sourced from all known coffee regions. We got the best local and national roasters bringing their best beans and their top baristas making coffee all day for you and me to taste and compare. Want to taste rare, costly Cup-of-Excellence coffees you can’t even find outside Japan? Is the famous (infamous?) “Cat” Kopi Luwak coffee really worth its outrageous price?

Every Bean! Every Brew!

CoffeeCon is the World’s Biggest Coffee Meetup!

Taste and see at CoffeeCon 2014!

CoffeeCon has the world’s brewer manufacturers showing off their best. I tried a home brewer last year that retails for more than my first car, and a grinder that costs almost as much. They’re here under one roof, set up, tweaked to perform their best. You can decide for yourself which suits your taste buds. Nothing beats tasting! Been confused by all the single serve formats? We’ll have them all here and ready to compare.

CoffeeCon has onsite classes. Want to learn to make Vietnamese, Viennese or Turkish coffee? Want to learn to texture and foam milk like a barista? Does water make a difference? We have an hour long water seminar. It was standing room only last year and everyone left smiling.

Our presentations are world-class and a virtual summit on coffee. Sign up for our 2 ½ hour tasting presentation taught by the world’s pickiest coffee buyer who brings his own glassware a 1000 miles to share his renown ability to taste and appreciate coffee. Want to stand as close to an actual coffee farmer as you would at a local farmers market? You can at CoffeeCon and they’ll tell you all you want to know about growing your favorite beans and how coffee can be delicious and sustainable.

Hourly prize giveaways too. So, hurry, hurry, hurry. The earlybird 40% discount ends at 11:59 pm CST, February 16. Enter the promo code: cc2014

See you are CoffeeCon!