If someone had told me how difficult putting on three back-to-back CoffeeCon events would be, I’m not sure I’d have done it. However, the benefit has been clear. We really are starting to have it down. I’m used to moving from one city to another. I’m used to the challenges. I also notice the events themselves are getting smoother and appear better run. We’ve developed tighter schedules. Better content. Better presenters and better presentations.

If you’ve never been to CoffeeCon, read the list of within the event. We are unique and if you like coffee, you’ll ask where we’ve been all your life. If you are a veteran, I think you’ll say it’s the best yet.

Where do I begin?

I’ve got the best-ever roaster line-up. I’ve kept my ear to the ground. I’ve scoured and found the best roasters. Some are well known and just wouldn’t try us until we proved ourselves with previous shows, or waited for word-of-mouth reports from colleagues in other cities. Some are obscure, hidden away and it took us a while to find them. They’re here. All of them sample their best at our event. Imagine setting up the world’s best coffee tasting, with expert baristas brewing every ounce of brew. That’s our tasting floor.

I’ve got the best brewing gear. Ever wish to compare the Moccamaster to the Bonavita to the Behmor Brazen? These are not insubstantial purchases and, as much as we all cherish online information, the taste doesn’t travel well over wi-fi! CoffeeCon is the only place I know where all the best machines can be tongue-compared. We’ve got some other rare gear too.

Our class list just keeps expanding. Have you taken Turgay’s Turkish coffee class yet? How’s your Chemex, V60, or AeroPress prowess? Have you ever learned how to brew using a siphon? You can at CoffeeCon. Oh, and is you ever wanted the chance to actually sit at the controls of a commercial espresso machine or learn to do latte art, La Marzocco will be on hand to give you a test drive. All these classes are included in your ticket price.

CoffeeCon honors the social justice aspect of coffee two ways. First, we are dedicated to specialty coffee. That in-itself is unique. Our coffee exhibitors are all from the top 2% of coffee’s world output. Second, we have a sustainability panel discussion at CoffeeCon made up of industry experts on the subject of “What’s best for the grower and consumer and all points in between?”. It’s a lively discussion and usually includes input from our audience. It’s always been lively, yet civil. And, you can learn a lot that might affect your own buying choices.

CoffeeCon has a Future of Coffee Panel. This crystal ball-gazing takes a look at how we’re going to extract the best oils from those tiny beans. If it a manual brewer? Automatic – whatever that means? Are the new phone apps going to be flavor game changers? I admit it’s my own personal favorite.

The toughest part of my job is waiting for our presenters to commit to and finalize their classes. Know in advance they’re all experts and, after my twenty-some years knowing them, I still learn new things at every CoffeeCon.

Our grand finale at CoffeeCon is our prize giveaway. Thanks to our generous sponsors and exhibitors we give away prizes such as the Moccamaster Technivorm brewer, Bonavita brewer, Hario Siphon and V60s, Chemexes and even a $500 Peugeot hand-built grinder. Again, your $15 ticket means you can be there and win!