Couple toasting in cupping seminar Tasting seminar samples Coffee Tasting Seminar and Workshop Most of us approach coffee as we do wine. We don’t claim to know what’s good, but we know what we like. That’s a great start, but anyone who’s entrenched in the industry, particularly those who cup, or evaluate and compare coffees for a living, tell us that there’s so much more enjoyment to be had for our hard earned coffee buying dollars.

When CoffeeCon began, along with spreading the good news about how to brew, we felt it vital to teach how to taste as experts do. This isn’t a casual boast. It requires an extensive setup, including multiple brewers, laboratory-grade grinding and special tasting glassware so that one hundred participants can identically sample given coffees and learn what an expert looks for in their quest for the best.  We strictly limit the attendance so that each participant can attain a proficiency in this class, which includes multiple samplings of hand-selected coffees from specific regions and possessing specific flavor characteristics.

Who better to conduct our tasting seminar than Peter Giuliano, who has earned his stripes as one of coffeedom’s great leaders. Peter started out as a barista in his home-town of San Diego and quickly rose with his zeal for all things coffee. He was a roaster and, more important for this class, a taster in coffee. The former owner of well known roaster Counter Culture Coffee, he now is Senior Director at SCAA, where he leads educational and outreach programs, including their annual Symposium.

Peter Giuliano 3 cu crop desaturatedPeter will be searching for just the right coffees and roasts so that you might be able to within the period of an hour or so, be able to taste around the world, or cupping table as it’s known in the biz. It’s just like a professional setup except we’ve gone out of our way to keep things individualized so that we civilians won’t have to face dipping our spoons into the same sample that’s spun around a lazy Susan table by the pros.

We have purchased special Rocks glasses which are easier to handle. We’ll be brewing with the highest quality Wilbur Curtis brewers and Mahlkönig EK43 grinder, supervised by Brant Curtis and the team from Wibur Curtis. Due to the extensive setup and resource scheduling, advance registration is required. This event requires advance online registration and an additional $12 glassware fee on top of your CoffeeCon admission ticket . That price does not begin to cover our true costs, but it’s an important event within the event and can be expected to elevate anyone’s tasting ability. You can sign up for this seminar when you purchase your general ticket.

I år lägger allt uppmärksamhet åt kreativitet, särskilt bröllop! Låt oss ta en brudklänning till exempel. Vill du göra skillnad vid bröllopet? Så det finns inget mer meningsfullt än deras egna

The special glassware, coffee samples, and per-taster space needs require us to limit attendance to 100 participants.